Consent in Universal Credit: understanding what works

In November 2018, SSAC’s report on the Universal Credit (Managed Migration) Regulations 2018 was published, along with the Government’s response. The consultation exercise that led to that report received more responses than any other SSAC consultation. Many of the organisations …

Understanding the claimant commitment: we want your evidence and insight

Universal Credit is the main means-tested benefit for those with low incomes, including both those not in paid work and those with low earnings. It is conditional on claimants accepting a ‘claimant commitment’ which is designed as an agreement between …

Separated parents and the social security system: have your say

The social security system supports people in a wide range of circumstances but it is not always clear how effective this support is. This is partly because social security can be complex and different benefits try to do different things …

Engaging with our stakeholders

stakeholder event at SSAC

The Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) held one of our twice-yearly stakeholder days in London on 9 November. As usual, we had an excellent and diverse range of people there – a good mix of some faithful ‘frequent flyers’ and others, attending one of our events for the first time.