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Victoria Todd

Victoria is Head of the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) team, part of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. In that role she oversees LITRG’s work across a range of tax and associated social security issues. Victoria also leads LITRG’s work on tax credits, Universal Credit and childcare. She is a member of the Association of Tax Technicians and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

Social Security Advisory Committee: a unique and valuable body

Prior to my appointment to the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC), my work at the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group was primarily focused on tax and tax credits. At that time, I had developed a special interest in the tax …

Consent in Universal Credit: understanding what works

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In November 2018, SSAC’s report on the Universal Credit (Managed Migration) Regulations 2018 was published, along with the Government’s response. The consultation exercise that led to that report received more responses than any other SSAC consultation. Many of the organisations …