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Photograph of Social Security Advisory Committee member, Les Allamby.

Les Allamby

Les Allamby was appointed to the Social Security Advisory Committee in February 2024.

Les is currently the Discretionary Support Commissioner for Northern Ireland and member of the Policing Board for Northern Ireland. He is a member of the Carers’ Poverty Commission for Carers (NI). Les is also currently the Chair of NIACRO, and the personal litigant reference group.

Les was the Chief Commissioner of the Northern Irish Human Rights Commission from September 2014 to August 2021. He is a solicitor, and his former roles include the Director of the Law Centre (Northern Ireland), vice chair of the Social Security Advisory Committee 2005-2014 and Chair of the Northern Ireland Social Security Standards Committee 1999-2004.

Les recently chaired an independent panel for Department for Communities to recommend further social security mitigations for Northern Ireland. He has written extensively on social policy, legal rights and justice issues.

Les Allamby's early reflections of SSAC...the second time around!

Photograph of Les Allamby, Member of the Social Security Advisory Committee.

I never had a misspent youth. As a student I spent my Saturday mornings volunteering on a Durham market stall containing (then) DHSS[1] leaflets, answering basic queries and offering appointments for more complex issues. Not knowing what I wanted to …