Liz Sayce

Liz was the Chief Executive of Disability Rights UK until 31 May 2017, leading work to achieve equal participation for all, through programmes on independent living, career opportunities and shifts in cultural attitudes and behaviour. With a background in mental health and disability policy, previous roles include:
•Director of Policy and Communications at the Disability Rights Commission
•Policy Director of Mind

Liz led an independent review into disability employment programmes for government in 2011 and has published widely on mental health, disability and social participation. Liz is also:
•a non-executive board member of the Care Quality Commission
•a member of the committee of Healthwatch England
•a member of the Disability Advisory Committee of the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Social security support through complex life changes

Almost everyone in this country receives support from social security in the course of our lives, as a plethora of different circumstances change.[1] This may be a short-term change - perhaps a period of unemployment or ill-health - or longer …